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We can help you not just with the website and book promotion but also help you in getting published.
We are closely related to many publishing agencies like the blueberry illustrations, rks illustrations, and childbook illustrations. These agencies do the designing and publishing services for the authors and we are providing book promotion services to their clients. We understand the needs of the authors in details and also understand what kind of exposure is needed for their books. We can also help you in getting your book published or illustrated by these agencies. You will also get additional discount from these agencies if you choose them through us.


Dear Sean, The site looks so so so so cute... Love it.So awesome. .ty :)
Hi Sean it came out very nice.
Saw it love it
Everyone loves it
The Website looks really great!!
It was not only easy working with you but also its amazing how you can turn my imagination as an author into workable designs. Thank you so much.

Amanda Jacobson

The three months of book promotion sounded to me like a huge task and I thought I will understand none of it. But I was soon amazed to see that I was able to understand everything. My account was managed by Blueberry team and I used to see everything myself and they used to send me weekly reports. I started loving the whole process and I learned a lot. The book promotion service was affordable and effective like all other services of this company. I received a lot of inquiries for books sales on my website also as Blueberry promoted my website which had a link to selling the book directly. I not only want to say that I am extremely happy and satisfied but also want to recommend this highly reputed self publishing company to all authors.

Jackie Miller

I was not very sure how book promotion service could help me but with a growing fan following and many inquiries about my book on social media (Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest etc), I realized that one must tell the world that , yes, ok, I have written this book and you must read it. I felt that by doing this, I at least did justice to my writing. Team Blueberry helped me immensely and they made the whole process a lot easier for me. Blueberry illustrations is a highly professional company and they value their authors needs in true sense.

Steve Jordan,Author

Within the first 30 days I was able to get so many followings on social media and also many inquiries about my book on my website. Every online account was so beautifully and easily managed by Childbook illustrations that I was able to understand everything. The best part was that I also used their authors website and sold many book directly from my website. I am very satisfied with the book promotion service and now that their service is complete, I am still able to continue it myself with the help of the overall understanding which I got from them.

Christine Saunders

The book promotion services offered by Childbook illustrations was not only effective but also very smooth. I was initially a bit scared as I am an old school author who believes only in writing. But with Self publishing, an author needs some promotional support in order to reach out to potential readers. These experts exactly know how to target the right audience without wasting any time. I am very glad that I used their website and book promotion services. I even extended my tenure of book promotion for another three months.


I'm excited to see that Amazon is featuring my book alongside two prolific children's book authors whom I admire! This tells me they are promoting it. The book has 3 reviews with 5 stars! This should help sales. Congratulations to your work on this, Too!

Stephanie Robinson

Selling the book is certainly one of the most important part of being an author. I used to check my Facebook and other Social media accounts created by RKS illustrations promotion team and everyday I used to receive so many lovely messages and new followers. I felt so good when I saw that my book was creating a positive curiosity among the people on social media. I was also very happy as I sold many e books initially and later the sales picked up through Amazon. This was made possible by a very dedicated book promotion team of RKS illustrations. I highly recommend their authors website and three months book promotion services.

William Saunders

I was already 75 when I started publishing my book with RKS illustrations and I am not very good with internet and social media. But to my surprise I found everything easy because I used to receive weekly reports and I was taught how to make use of the reports and how to understand all activities. I received hundreds of inquiries from various enthusiasts who liked my work and my book. I felt so connected when I saw that number of visitors on my facebook and other platforms were constantly increasing. I sold many copies and even now the queries for book sales are coming constantly.
Dr. Erika Karohs (Blueberry illustrations review)
Working with Blueberry was just amazing.I love the quality of their work and they have great work ethics- ensuring they deliver on time. They were willing to make changes where needed and with no fuss.I will definitely will have them design my other book covers again and recommend them to my friends.
Dr. Napoli Fiatro St. Croix, (Blueberry illustrations review)
My very first three storybooks: The Wind Beneath the Wings, The Little Chapel by the Lake Shore, and The Night Before Christmas were illustrated by Shekhar and the Blueberry Illustrations. These illustrations were brilliantly done with love and compassion. The colors and concepts of the stories were easily illustrated in the sequential formats thus, adding to the stories to be alive. I had had a wonderful friendly experiences with Shekhar the way he treated me with respect in incorporating my ideas to add brilliancy to the illustrations. There were give and take kind of attitudes as we worked together in building my first website for the promotion of all the books he uploaded both in Createspace and Kindle. Overall, my experiences, if you will, are fantastic and unforgettable. Bravo !!!
JANE DOE,Online Marketer (Blueberry illustrations review)
As a first time Author (Carlie the Two-Humped Camel), I was looking for a one stop shop to help me get my book printed. Purchasing the illustration and Self publishing package from Blueberry Illustrations was certainly the right decision for me. The initial sketches brought to life the characters and the colors really made everything a reality. The publishing process was straight forward with the teams instructions and templates. I had a few edits after the ebook and hardcover were published and the team really came through, getting these minor edits implemented. I highly recommend Blueberry Illustrations and am available as a reference if anyone would like to reach out via email. Thank you Blueberry Illustrations team- Great work! Services purchased- illustrations, cover design, book layout, Hardcover publishing. E book.
Kitt Chapman, Author (Blueberry illustrations review)
After researching various options for my first book, entitled SPECIAL, I fortunately came across Blueberry Illustrations. The ease and expertise of this company is seamless. Because they care about your satisfaction and ultimately care about pleasing you, their client. With a limited budget, Sean suggested the ways in which Blueberry Illustrations could best fit my goals. The services I secured with them included; illustrations, book layout, ebook and paperback publishing, & publishing promotion. What I liked mostly was that I could choose what style of art I wanted. I was driving the process and concept and the illustrator was AMAZING at working WITH ME during the entire process front to back. Revisions were welcomed, and made, and only when I was completely happy did we move forward. The communication between emails was timely and professional in all respects. Now completed and in the final process of publishing, the illustrations are adorable and I can’t wait to share it with the world:) I will most certainly be doing more books with Blueberry Illustrations! Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout, paper back publishing, ebook publishing & book promotion.
Alice Lee, (Childbook illustrations review)
First of all working with Sean, Richa and the staff –they are absolutely great! In sense of guiding you through the whole process, professional and trust-worthy! I would definitely recommend them~! Author of ” Derrick’s daily adventure” Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Editing, Paperback Publishing, e-book Publishing & Website.
Dr. Steve Gocke, (Childbook illustrations review)
Childbook Illustrations launched my first two books by providing illustrations with two different styles of illustrations. I think this is an advantage they offer with many available styles to choose from. I have several more books ready for illustrations and Childbook Illustrations offers the styles I need for each book. The illustrators were very responsive to artistic edits and concepts. Dr. Steve Gocke, Executive Vice President, Operations Learn4Life Charter Concept Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Editing, hardcover Publishong, e-book Publishing, Website, Marketing, ISBK & Barcode.
Alpha Denise Mack, (RKS illustrations review)
Richa I was very pleased with your quality of work. The drawings were outstanding. The layout was well done. Services Purchased: Illustrations, Cover Design, Book Design, Hardcover Publishing & E-book Publishing.
Glen Thomason, (RKS illustrations review)
This was my second book of the Duke series with Richa. I am really happy with the work and more books are coming up. Glen Thomason, Author Services purchased- Illustrations, cover design, book layout & publishing assistance on Ingram spark(Hard cover)