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There are a thousand reasons for which you should choose us but few of the most important ones are listed below. We deliver timely and we deliver websites that you can be proud of. Not only your personal author brand will get a huge boost but also the websites are technically very sound as well as safe and easy to use and update.

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Professional, Sound & User Friendly

Easy to use

A user-friendly website so that you have no troubles in putting up content.We’re here to make things easy for you. Not everyone is tech-savvy which is why we have a simple backend that helps you generate and upload content without any hassles or interruption.

WordPress based

WordPress is the easiest and finest platform for all authors. Our websites are WordPress based as it is a well-known platform as well as an easy to use space for authors. You can focus on your writing and create your presence online swiftly.

Unique to your needs

All your requirements are taken into consideration to give you a topnotch outcome. We have a website that will fulfill all your needs. From tools, themes, interface and much more, you will have a tailormade site that makes your job easy.

Social Media

A key essential for all authors, our social media support is cutting-edge. You can now share your content from your website to your social networking pages directly. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Goodreads, or Snapchat, we bring a simple solution to keep you connected.

Secure Website

We take security in account and assure you that your website will never be hacked! Cybercrime is a common problem in this day and age, but with our support, you are in for a wholesome experience. Secured website, all your data intact and overall safety for your content.

Works on all devices

Be it any device, your website will be functional to users at all times. Most people prefer reading on their phones or tablet, our website looks incredible on all devices and loads fast too. Now your audience can read content on every device!

Google ready (SEO)

A key starting point for any website to amp up their presence online. We assure outstanding tools to optimize your web page content so that Google will rank it, and you will have more user traffic in no time.

Links to buy your books

We make it easy for anyone who wants to buy your books. By adding links to Amazon, Goodreads, and other portals, it is easier for people to purchase a copy of your published work.

Web Optimized

With our expertise, your website content will be optimized for viewing in no time. From images, optimization, file sizes, background themes and much more, we’ve got everything to make your webpage a success.

Plan and purpose

Our meticulous planning makes your website top-notch. With putting excellent expert minds behind designing your website, we map out the perfect plan keeping the author’s requirements in mind.

Backup and Secure

A monthly backup keeps you from losing any important data. Our serves have manual backup option monthly, which guarantees the safety of your work. We secure all your content via backups to Dropbox.

Upload and design your content

You can transfer your old backup into your new site. Whether you have an old article, website backup or any kind of content, our tools make it simple to upload, design, and format every content smoothly.

Analyze visitors and report

Easy tools help keep track of traffic on your site. You can view visitor count, reports and much more on the control panel of the website. It is extremely simple to use, and we assure 100 percent accuracy.

Videos and images

Upload your media, videos, audio, and images with just a few clicks. By adding videos, images, and other media files, you can make your content stand out. We provide a responsive and seamless interface for uploading all your files.

Perfect programming

Our coding game is strong, and you can see it with the outstanding results on your website. A team dedicated of programmers that will spend time and resources to make sure your website is always running smooth. We promise no glitches or issues on your webpage.

Connect with your audience

A space to connect with your fans and drive in more traffic each day. Building a rapport with your readers is a must, and with our interface, you can stay in sync with them. This also brings in new traffic to your website, isn’t that great?

A central hub

With our aid, your website will become the central hub to your digital marketing plan. All your content will be showcased on the website, and you will get options to share it on different platforms on social media in just a few clicks.

Showcase your books

Our website ensures you have a page focused on your books. Since we love books and authors, we have a section dedicated to showcasing your book with descriptions and purchase links for customers.

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