How to Sell Books Through The Author’s Website?

Any author, whether novelist, non-fiction book writer or a freelance writer, all have started running their author’s website to post and publish their written blog, articles, descriptions, books and more. While publishing books, the main problem arises with where to sell it? Either sell it through an e-commerce platform like Amazon and Flipkart, which charges their commissions or sell through your author designed website.

If you are looking for the best way, then definitely it would be selling through your author’s website because you have whole support on it. With selling your book through your website, you will be able to maximise profits every month without any time waste or any efforts.

Ways of selling books through authors website

Some of the best ways of selling books through your website are given as follows which you can follow to grow more as an author.

  • Link to online retailers – For conducting a smooth delivery of books through the author’s website, it will be best if you link to various online retailers such as e-commerce platforms. This way, you can ensure that the book is going right to the customer from the manufacturing unit. They will charge some pennies for delivering your book.
  • Set up a shopping cart – The other way which you can choose to sell books via the author’s website is to create and add a shopping cart from the services of PayPal, Stripe and others from your merchant account to the bank. This way, the readers can directly order their favourite books by visiting the author’s website.
  • Set up an store – Through using Ingram spark’s store, you can also sell the books from the author’s website. You can set up a payment and delivery method. This will charge 15% of each book which you need to give to the store. You can earn high profits from selling books.
  • Through Facebook ads – One more way of selling books from your author’s website is to set up Facebook ads or a shopping page. You can link the author’s website to the Facebook page so that readers can directly go to your website by opening its link and can purchase their desired book from the buying or shop section of the website.

Benefits of selling the books through authors website

Just like, there are numerous ways of selling books through authors’ websites, there are many advantages too. A handful of them are discussed below

  • Better income – If you want your income to be stable and keep increasing, then selling your books through the author’s website is always the best option. Through this, you will be saved from sharing your profits and losses with intermediaries like wholesalers and manufacturers which often work for e-commerce platforms.
  • Paid immediately – That’s the most important point, as people want they will get their service amount as soon as possible. If you are selling your book with the author’s website, you can enjoy this facility. But if you are selling it through e-commerce platforms, they have fixed their payment criteria which means they will pay you monthly, weekly or even yearly, but very rarely immediately.