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Introduction about book marketing

With increasing fame of social media and its wide use by readers round the globe, its only imperative to have a strong online presence. The platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Goodreads & Pinterest etc. are playing a major role in book promotion. We understand the dynamics of book promotion and we have expertise in using the social media platforms for the benefit of authors. We have offered book promotion services to hundreds of authors to very high satisfaction levels. With the whole world already available on the internet, its only a matter of locating your potential readers and strategically placing the book before them. We will help you in connecting with these readers and to get the recognition to your book which it deserves.Explore our book promotion services.



There is a good news that your book is doing really well. Many readers as well as other authors are liking your facebook page. As you are aware that your books facebook page is getting many likes and it has already received 35 likes in the first week. Our focussed campaign is also ensuring that the post reach and post engagement is also on the rise. We are also promoting your book in many other groups so that it may reach many new readers.

Readers Favorite

We have recently received the reader’s favourite free membership. You should be a proud member because reader’s favourite provides book review for authors which is very handy for book promotion.

Books Go Social Daily

We have received the membership of books go social daily. You are now a proud member of the books go social daily and congratulations for getting votes and getting shortlisted.

Book Daily

Getting the membership of book daily is a great news for the book. Readers can find thousands of titles here and also emerging author sample chapters. Here we are promoting your book among thousands of new readers daily.

Good Read

Its a pleasure to inform that your book is doing great on all social platforms. Your book has recently received high ratings and some awesome reviews. We are trying our best to receive more reviews which will help in more sales of the book as well as making a credibility for the book.

Author Marketing Club

We have received author marketing membership. This platform is so very good because it connects your book with thousands of potential readers. We are hoping that the book is going to extremely well.

Sample Report


Amanda Jacobson

The three months of book promotion sounded to me like a huge task and I thought I will understand none of it. But I was soon amazed to see that I was able to understand everything. My account was managed by Blueberry team and I used to see everything myself and they used to send me weekly reports. I started loving the whole process and I learned a lot. The book promotion service was affordable and effective like all other services of this company. I received a lot of inquiries for books sales on my website also as Blueberry promoted my website which had a link to selling the book directly. I not only want to say that I am extremely happy and satisfied but also want to recommend this highly reputed self publishing company to all authors.


Jackie Miller

I was not very sure how book promotion service could help me but with a growing fan following and many inquiries about my book on social media (Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest etc), I realized that one must tell the world that , yes, ok, I have written this book and you must read it. I felt that by doing this, I at least did justice to my writing. Team Blueberry helped me immensely and they made the whole process a lot easier for me. Blueberry illustrations is a highly professional company and they value their authors needs in true sense.

Steve Jordan,Author

Within the first 30 days I was able to get so many followings on social media and also many inquiries about my book on my website. Every online account was so beautifully and easily managed by Childbook illustrations that I was able to understand everything. The best part was that I also used their authors website and sold many book directly from my website. I am very satisfied with the book promotion service and now that their service is complete, I am still able to continue it myself with the help of the overall understanding which I got from them.


Christine Saunders

The book promotion services offered by Childbook illustrations was not only effective but also very smooth. I was initially a bit scared as I am an old school author who believes only in writing. But with Self publishing, an author needs some promotional support in order to reach out to potential readers. These experts exactly know how to target the right audience without wasting any time. I am very glad that I used their website and book promotion services. I even extended my tenure of book promotion for another three months.


I’m excited to see that Amazon is featuring my book alongside two prolific children’s book authors whom I admire! This tells me they are promoting it. The book has 3 reviews with 5 stars! This should help sales. Congratulations to your work on this, Too!


Stephanie Robinson

Selling the book is certainly one of the most important part of being an author. I used to check my Facebook and other Social media accounts created by RKS illustrations promotion team and everyday I used to receive so many lovely messages and new followers. I felt so good when I saw that my book was creating a positive curiosity among the people on social media. I was also very happy as I sold many e books initially and later the sales picked up through Amazon. This was made possible by a very dedicated book promotion team of RKS illustrations. I highly recommend their authors website and three months book promotion services.

William Saunders

I was already 75 when I started publishing my book with RKS illustrations and I am not very good with internet and social media. But to my surprise I found everything easy because I used to receive weekly reports and I was taught how to make use of the reports and how to understand all activities. I received hundreds of inquiries from various enthusiasts who liked my work and my book. I felt so connected when I saw that number of visitors on my facebook and other platforms were constantly increasing. I sold many copies and even now the queries for book sales are coming constantly.


Book Marketing